The Table Saw: Explained

What is a Table Saw?

A table saw also referred to as a saw bench is a tool consistently used in woodworking. Features of the table saw include a mounted blade on an arbor that is operated by an electrical motor. The electrical motor can be directly by either gears or by a series of belts. The blade sticks out on the surface of the table in order to help provide additional support for the material that a person is working with. The most common use for a table saw is for wood cutting.

How it Works?

Modernly, table saws are used for specific wood cutting. The blade is used to cut specific designs as well as to a specific depth for different projects. The depth of the blades cut will depend on the mobility of the blade. Traditionally, with table saws the blade will move in an up and down motion. The higher the blade is capable of going the deeper a cut you can achieve through the wood. In older model table saws the arbor and blade were fixed points allowing for the table to be the component that moves up and down which would in turn expose less of the blade.

The Different Types of Table Saws

  • Hybrid Table Saws: This is almost the same as a cabinet table.
  • Bench Top Table Saws: This is a small scale table saw that is meant to sit upon a work bench and be used on a need basis.
  • Cabinet Tables Saws: Uses steel or cast iron to weight the table to help minimize vibrations and to increase the accuracy of the saw. They also have closed cabinet base.
  • Contractor Table Saws: These saws are used more in industries and are heavy and at times portable by the use of wheels at the bottom of the platform.

History of Table Saws

The first instance of a recorded patent ever being awarded for a circular saw was issued in the United States in 1777 to a man known as Samuel Miller.


In the last few years technology has worked to help dramatically increase the safety of table saws. With the implement of feeder wheels and springs that are used to apply pressure to the top and sides of the wood have greatly reduced the risk of severed fingers. There are also items such as push sticks and feather boards that can be used to substitute for finders. These items are clamped to the top of the saw to provide more stability.

The table saws should be fitted with items known as dust extractors. Sawdust from cut wood builds up on the cutting blade and with the added friction from the blade the accumulated saw dust can ignite causing smoke or even fires. Extractors are implemented to help reduce dust which reduces the risk of fire and the overall health of the workers.

Using the Scroll Saw  

Finding a scroll saw that fits the way you work with wood and helps you speed up the production process is a good start to making the equipment work for you. Does it have to stop there? No.

We are referring to the cutting table where you usually slide and rotate that slab of wood as you try to shape it into a cute trinket or novelty item. Because a scroll saw may be consisting of several parts that help it become what it is but you bought it primarily for its cutting utility. So since that’s what the purpose it is really intended for, features that focus on the cutting skills in the scroll saw itself will be emphasized.

A cutting table that’s made up of metal is recommended as opposed to wooden tables. Apart from the smooth rotation and sliding that goes with turning around the wood, that material used should be noted too. Metal, whether it is made up of aluminum, iron, stainless steel or other varieties, make it easy for you to turn around and push the wood that you are trying to cut granted that it has a surface smooth enough for easy gliding. Metal would be a better material to rely on instead of wood. Friction is the last thing you want to worry about in the workshop. What you have to worry about would be finding the best resources of scroll saw reviews and top picks to choose the one that suits your needs perfectly.

Ensuring that the blade attached cuts through wood is one thing. Checking through the knobs and the tension built in the blade is another. What do we mean by that? While all blades cut through the wood, certain levels are found on the knob just above or close to the blade itself in make sure that the process is not too fast nor too slow.

Start with those 2 features and you will transition naturally into checking out the rest of the parts of the scroll saw like the foot pedal or the knob. When you know which parts to focus in an equipment, maintaining it gets easier.

What are Skirting Boards?

In architecture a skirting board is commonly known as a baseboard as well as a mopboard, base molding, or floor molding. The purpose of a skirting board is to cover the joint area between the floor and the wall surface.  It functions as a cover for the uneven edge of flooring close to the wall to protect from kicks, furniture damage, abrasions, and can also be used as a decorative molding.

Skirting boards can be simple consisting of planks either screwed, nailed, or glued to the wall. Depending on when the house was developed also shows how the skirting boards are functioning because in older houses it was not uncommon to use moldings or skirting boards as decoration.

The two most common skirting boards are made from plastic and wood. Plastic skirting boards are made from numerous plastic compounds. They can come in a variety of different colors and are usually glued to the walls. Wooden skirting boards can be lacquered, pre-painted, or left untreated. Skirting boards are so functional that even radiators are at times installed in front of baseboards as well as inside skirting boards. They are referred to as baseboard radiators or skirting board radiators.

Skirting boards should not be confused with a wainscot, a wainscot covers the wall up to 1-1.5m high which is the equivalent of waist height on a normal person where skirting boards typically only rise to 0.2m which is the equivalent of ankle height.

Skirting boards typically vary depending on the country they are residing in. In China skirting boards are typically shorter and usually composed of redwood or plastic. They normally have super simple designs. While in the UK there are a large number of skirting board options that a person would find depending on the age of the house as well as the personal style of the homeowner.

Basic Lawn Care Tips for Landscapers In Cape Town

One of the most important tasks with landscaping is taking care of the project that you created. This can be anything from simply keeping the lawn mowed, to trimming the shrubbery, or making sure that all the lawn accessories are in functioning order.

A well maintained yard can be the difference between a perfect lawn and disaster. Below we are going to look at some tips to maintain basic lawn care.

Keeping the lawn trim

One of the biggest impacts on a yard is how often it is mowed and how often the shrubbery is trimmed. One of the biggest mistakes that landscapers can make is cutting lawns too short. Too short of grass can cause stress to the lawn.


Taller grass encourages root development and it is a good rule of thumb to only cut around the top third of grass when giving the lawn a trim. Taller grass also provides adequate shade for the ground around it so that the ground does not dry out as quickly. It also isn’t much of a difference between cutting the lawn short and just trimming the grass because grass grows so quickly that you will still be cutting the lawn the same amount.

Wet your plants

It is important not to over water your plants or underwater your plants. It is important to water your lawn at least once a week and allow enough time for water to soak deeply into the soil. Allowing the water to soak deeply into the soil can prevent certain bugs from being attracted to your lawn. It is also important because different soils can dry out faster than others. And, it only takes a garden design service and landscaping company in Western Cape to deliver a good job.

Please feed the grass

Cape Town landscapers do not get perfect lawns just by planting and hoping for the best. It takes a lot of work and it is important that landscapers feed their lawns in order to promote the healthiest and best lawns possible. Fertilization is a big factor in healthy lawns.

There are a million different fertilizers on the market and depending on what you have planted will depend on the fertilizer you need to be using. Think of it as a multivitamin for your lawn. You take multivitamins to stay health why shouldn’t you provide the same for your lawn? One of the best ways to figure out what type of fertilizer you need for you lawn is to test the pH levels.

If you want to know more about this gardening service company check out this page.


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